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Our vision begins with the concern of the vision of individuals. Our eyes are neglected in the digital world due to lifestyle commitments and negligence. Our senses are a treasure and we cannot allow it to deteriorate. This is where we, Core Idea Innovations step in. We take real-world scenarios and try to provide innovative and creative solutions to serve and protect our precious sense of "Vision". That forms the foundation for our motivation to help and provide.


  • To provide comprehensive, affordable Eye care services at the doorstep of our consumers.
  • Connect patients with doctors and optometrists through Cloud on a real-time basis.
  • Save time of eye-care professionals significantly by using technologies like AI & Cloud.
  • Create tools and methods to allow remote eye-testing where there is no clinic/hospital

More about us

Core Idea Innovations is an incredible idea proposed by our beloved CEO and Co-founder Maheswari Srinivasan who is a visionary, innovator and has 20+ years of experience in the eye-care and telemedicine. Our history is filled with challenges and breakthroughs

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Our Goals

We, at Core Idea Innovations have a optimistic view of future where everyone is blessed with efficient healthcare services to enrich human lives.

Innovation is a part of our company. Innovations is the seeds for improvements which bares fruitful means in the future.

is in the heart of our soultions which makes our services stand out and allows us to tackle scenarios in a unique manner.

We make our efforts to develop and provide services while keeping affordability in our minds. Affordable solutions promotes fairness and mutualism.

We strive to satisy our customers to the fullest.

It is out top priority!

Moments in Time

Throughout years, we have accomplished a lot of things and faced over many challenges. Check out some of the pictures which captures some of our proudest moments.

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Client Testimonial

Check out what our clients say about us!

My son got his eye checked up at his school and got prescriptions for his vision. The process was so simple and thorough, I don't have to spend time with my son waiting in a clinic queue.

Mr. Mani, A Loving dad

Im a working professional and barely find any time to visit a doctor to check my vision. Thanks to Iris EyeCare for thier wonderful home-testing service. It was so convenient

Mr. Vinod (Developer @ Mircosoft)

Thanks to Core Idea Innovations for sending their practitioneers to our village where no eye care clinic are built. We got our people diagnosed and corrected their vision without travelling to cities.

Mrs. Anne, Villager Head

Our Founders

Maheswari Srinivasan M.Optom, F.I.A.C.L.E, F.A.S.C.O


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Karthikeyan S



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